Not A Worry In The World, A Cold Beer On My Coaster

After I explained this blog to my brother, followed with mockery from him, he gave me a list of projects I can do for his apartment. Among the list was to make coasters… What you’ll need: – Four 4 x 4 Tiles (Box of Nine for $4 – Lowes) – Four Pictures – Mod Podge […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Hand Scrub

I heard about this pink lemonade hand scrub and I just knew I had to make it! Believe me, after you make it too, you will thank me! What you’ll need: – Mason Jar ($9 for a case of 12 – Wal-Mart) – Granulated Sugar ($2.99 – Target) – Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($1.99 – Wal-Mart) […]

Well We All Shine On. Like The Moon and The Stars and The Sun.

Girls love things that shine, sparkle and of course glitter, which is why today I’m teaching you how to make a glitter vase/pencil holder/makeup brush holder/anything else you have that needs to be held. What you’ll need: – Mod Podge (I use the one I made in this post) – Glitter ($2 – Wal-mart) – […]