I Think You and I Should Just Drink On It

Any time I’m in the mall I dread the walk past Anthropologie – not because I hate it, in fact just the opposite, I love this store. If you’re familiar with Anthropologie, you know just how fabulous it is, but you also know how it is nearly impossible to purchase anything without going into debt. Take these confetti glasses for example, they are so much fun, but $30 for just one glass … are they kidding? No way I’m paying $90 for three glasses, so instead I’ll make them myself – on a budget of course.

What you’ll need:

– Three Glasses ($1 each – Dollar Store)
– Acryllic Paint ($0.97 each – Michaels)
For the glasses I used stemless wine classes.

ImageI made a red confetti class, a blue confetti glass and a rainbow confetti glass. I started with the red glass which included red, orange and yellow paint. Flip the glass upside down and start painting one color dots on the bottom to about 1/4 of the way up the glass.
ImageDo the same with the orange and yellow paint.
ImageIn order to make the the rainbow confetti glass I painted all six color dots on the glass. One great thing about acryllic paint is when you mess up, it’s so easy to wash, but when you want to seal it, it’s just as easy! When you are done with your confetti glasses and they are completely dry, place them in the oven while it is completely off. Turn the oven on for 350 degrees and allow them to sit in there for about 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and don’t remove them until the oven is completely cool again.


Now that you have saved money, purchase some ingredients for drinks and put your new confetti glasses to good use! Enjoy!


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